Direct production of Woven Patches in High Definition quality.
This kind of production is very soft and detailed in small lettering.

You can personalise Woven Patches as you like:
- dimentions
- fabric and border color
- logo and words
- laser cut border, merrowed border
- no backing, heat seal or velcro backing

Minimum quantity 250 pcs
Delivery date 21 days
PayPal payment or T/T transfer


Distintivi HD

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Sweden Distintivi HD
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Two-B Distintivi HD
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Hellas Verona Distintivi HD
Hellas Verona
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Equi Diets Distintivi HD
Equi Diets
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Euro Hatria 100 Distintivi HD
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Vespa Club Ogliastra Distintivi HD
Vespa Club
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Alpen Chapter Distintivi HD
Alpen Chapter
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